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We can demonstrate to our kids what TEAMWORK looks like
in the way that we work together for their behalf!
When we work together, we ALL win!

In order to keep costs down and have local soccer accessible to each child who would like to play, TYSA relies heavily on the support of parent and community member volunteers. Please thoughtfully consider how you can help. Many hands make for light work (AND a GREAT soccer program)!

Coaching - As the chief trainer and encourager, coaches organize practices and work on player development. Local training opportunities are offered, numerous websites offer practice drills and coaching tips for each age level, and our affiliate organizations provide us with materials as a part of our membership. Even if you've never played, if you have the desire to foster fun and exercise for youngsters, TYSA will make sure you have all the support and information you need! For more information on coaching, please email Bradley Morrison tysasoccer@gmail.com. Check out our links page for more helpful coaching information! 

Administration - Helping at registration events, entering player information into our database, making telephone calls, etc.are essential components of our program. If you can help with any of these early season tasks, please email Bradley Morrison, tysasoccer@gmail.com

Age Division Representative - Be a liason to the Recreation Director by communicating the needs of your age division. This is an *easy* one! Please contact us at tysasoccer@gmail.com

Board Member - Participate in the planning and execution of our soccer seasons! Monthly meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Contact TYSA President, Patrick Weaver at tysapweaver@gmail.com

Publicity - Help us communicate to the community!  Contact Bradley Morrison at tysasoccer@gmail.com

Team Photo Day Coordinator - A "point person" to help our picture-taking process run smoothly. Contact TYSA President, Patrick Weaver at tysapweaver@gmail.com

Sponsor Coordinator - Facilitate recruitment and appreciation of our sponsors! Please contact us at tysasoccer@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator - Solicit and organize volunteers! Please contact TYSA President, Patrick Weaver at tysapweaver@gmail.com

TYSA thanks you for your support
(and, one day, so will your kids)!

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